100 Miles in a 100 Days

100 Miles in 100 Days
River Valley Healthy Communities has had recent success helping to increase the level of physical activity of our community in the challenge 100 Miles in 100 Days. In January 2010 we had 106 participants ranging from 18-25 and one participant in the 76-85 age group.
The challenge happens in January and June and runs for 100 days. There are no set
parameters for the challenge with the exception to be active. It comes complete with a log sheet and conversion charts for alternate activities such as hiking and skiing. The conversion charts turn these activities into steps and miles to help get to that 100 miles goal.
Please join us and walk your way to healthy!

For those of you not interested in registering with RVHCC, but you would like to start 100 miles challenge. Feel free to use all the materials listed above to help you reach your goals to a healthy lifestyle. Please email us with your successes and feedback about the program at rvhcc@gwi.net

Need a Walking Route or Trail?

Want to find a walking route or a local hike? Want to tell us about one in your community? Or do you want to learn how to create a route? If the answer is yes to one of these questions, you’ve come to the right place. Healthy Maine Walks and Maine Trail Finder provides information on how to find a walking route near you, to share information about walking routes, or to find out about how to create one.