River Valley Children's Oral Health Project.

 The project is sharing $224,285 from the Maine Oral Health Funders (MOHF) to support efforts to improve oral health in children and to prevent childhood dental disease. The initial local grant award of $45,000 was announced July 2015.

 The goal of this four-year initiative is to reduce local dental disease in children up to age nine.  This will be accomplished by working closely with local medical providers to integrate oral health into the practice by doing assessment, exams and fluoride varnishes.

Patty Duguay, who will oversee the project, said, "We have all kinds of partners involved in this -- someone from WIC, Community Concepts, Community Dental, Swift River Family Medicine, Main Street Dental Hygiene of Mexico, Family Planning -- we're targeting those who interact with pregnant women and young children."

Our mission is that every child in the River Valley has a right to be cavity-free and we hope to change the culture around oral health so that it becomes a priority in people’s lives.

For more information on Oral Health  www.cdc.gov/oralhealth

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February is Children's Oral Health Month

February Oral Health Month