The River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition...

A non-profit organization created by local community members working to make a positive difference in the health and well being of our communities in the River Valley region.

Our Mission:

"To achieve measurable improvement in the quality of life in the River Valley Towns of Oxford County through coordinated, ongoing public health promotion."

Our Vision:

"A Healthy Community is safe, supportive, informed with high quality health care; invests in promoting values and preserves natural resources, and celebrates diversity opportunities and is proud"


Initiatives:  Community-wide projects facilitated by the Healthy Communities aimed at addressing quality of life issues.

Forums:  Healthy Communities sponsored events that bring people together to assess and strategize about our community's priority health issues through summits, retreats, focus groups and surveys.

Networking:   The Healthy Communities can assist throught linking complementary projects together, providing technical assistance and offering vehicles for recongnition and support.