Serving Our Communitites

Since 1997

Healthy Living For All

Our Story

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Mission Statement

RVHCC’s mission is to promote community-wide health and wellness by working together with individuals, businesses, and organizations in the Greater River Valley region to provide education and positive support services.

The RVHCC Vision

We believe a Healthy Community is safe, supportive, and informed with high-quality healthcare and access to resources that ensure their health and well-being.

Who We Serve

We’re proud to offer programs and initiatives that improve the quality of life for residents throughout the Greater River Valley area.

Our team

Allie Burke

Executive Director

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Melissa Harding

Program Manager

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Crystal DeRoche

Program Coordinator

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Shannon Glover

Old School Pantry Manager

Board of Directors


Nick Waugh

*Executive Committee

Vice President

Jeanne Lapointe

*Executive Committee


Dick Lovejoy

*Executive Committee


Miki Skehan


Stephany Jacques


Serena Flagg


Kim Sequoia

*Executive Committee


Angelia Duguay