Older Adults (60+)

We're all unique, with individual needs and desires. And we all deserve a healthy life, regardless of age, circumstances, or income level. That's why we're dedicated to helping improve the health and wellness of older adults in our communities.

We want them to enjoy healthier, happier lives. We know that the right support system can significantly improve someone's quality of life - so we won't stop fighting for a world where our elderly residents can live their best lives. They've sacrificed so much to take care of us; now it's time for us to care for them.

Senior Commodities

The Senior Commodities Food Program helps improve the health of low-income elderly persons of at least 60 years of age by supplementing their diets with nutritious USDA Foods, which we can offer through the Good Shepherd Food Bank. Our monthly food boxes provide them with various foods such as pasta, rice, cereal, juice, cheese, fresh fruit, vegetables, and more. We currently serve 350 seniors monthly through this food program.

Senior Gatherings

RVHCC offers monthly senior gatherings at the Holy Savior Church. Older adults can gather for coffee time, games, activities, the Moving Freely Program, and listen to educational guest speakers. Past guest speakers have included: Susan Collin’s office speaking on fraud and scams, law enforcement talking about how to lock up your RX medicine, Rumford Hospital, and Representatives from the ‘Age in Place Friendly Communities.’ Monthly Senior Gatherings always end with a lunch meal with leftovers to go.


Moving Freely

The Moving Freely Program promotes physical activity, healthy lifestyles, and community and social engagement. Participants learn that lifetime fitness can be achieved through a structured program of slow, natural movement that is safe and pain-free. 

Moving Freely benefits adults who are looking to: 
∙ Limit social isolation  
∙ Improve coordination and balance  
∙ Increase flexibility and strength 
∙ Prevent and reduce fall risk  
∙ Gain confidence and independence  

Sponsoring agencies include River Valley Healthy Communities Coalition (RVHCC) and the River Valley Recreation Center.

Past Programs & Initiatives

Senior Buddy to Buddy Program

RVHCC implemented a Buddy-to-Buddy check-in system for our most vulnerable citizens during the pandemic. As a result, we had over 30 volunteers helping to check in on over 300 older Mainers in the Greater River Valley Region. Our volunteers did daily phone calls, went shopping to pick up essential items, and helped in any way they could.